• Dal 1986 al vostro servizio

    Dal 1986 al vostro servizio


    Via Manin, 33 | Monopoli (Ba)

  • per raccontare la storia della mia terra

    per raccontare la storia della mia terra


  • e far condividere a tutti

    e far condividere a tutti


  • fatta di semplicità

    fatta di semplicità


  • che il tempo non può scalfire

    che il tempo non può scalfire


  • nella mia memoria e proposta con

    nella mia memoria e proposta con


    Pierluigi Pipoli

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Il Tralcio is the reference point for lovers of fine wine and those who want to know the protagonists of the fascinating national and international wine world. A journey that starts right from the vinotheque, historic place, symbol of the city since 1986, managed by Pierluigi Pipoli, which for generations has been an interpreter of modernity in a place that speaks especially of wine history but that can not be separated from changes that ' technological age requires.

Il Tralcio located about 300 meters from the main Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, offers a comfortable atmosphere and welcoming for those who want to dive into the fascinating world of wine in fact the striking floor made of olive tree trunks, gives the pleasant sensation of float on a lawn. On wrought iron shelves, wines are exposed, sparkling wines, champagne, spirits, crystals and ceramics, with the ability to select from hundreds of brands by type and region of origin. In addition to wines are also exposed selected food products that reflect the best regional gastronomic tradition. Finishing touches include gift boxes and wine accessories.

Our Enoteca concept is realized with the "wine Reading", understood as objective to be achieved in order to define and place a territorial and cultural profile. Each wine expresses its own identity, a symbol of a transformation that starts from the grower that uses the grapes and their own method; It is sommelier task with his ability and sensitivity to be able to translate it, make it alive.

The wine must be pleasure, joy, conviviality, sobriety, and a way to delve into the complex world of social relations, the deeper meanings of life and the collective imagination that involves both our individual and the social. Therefore, the relationship with wine is complex, intimate, daily, full of symbolic and psychological, recalls the roots of pleasure and identity, is defined within a culture, it moves the sense of belonging and is in all civilizations an ode to life, love, the love of life and is an important element in human life; it is present in many historical events.

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